A team of researchers


The Club of French-speaking users of the International Classification of Primary Care (assoc.Loi 1901, France) brings together general practitioners and family as well as computer scientists interested in research and evaluation in their discipline.

The association of French-speaking users of ICPC is recognized by the International Committee of the WONCA Classification which it is the French correspondent.

The CISP-Club is an association of French law on non-profit basis (Law 1901).

The CISP-Club members have decided to emphasize a specific research tool called the International Classification of Primary Care.
The nomenclature of the classification has been translated into French and revised by a group of generals of France, Belgium and Quebec.

An organization

In accordance with the Classification Committee of WONCA is the designer of this tool, CISP-Club intends to disseminate the methodology developed since the seventies by GPs researchers WONCA, the World Organization Family Medicine. CISP-Club account at present members France, Belgium, Quebec, Benin, Algeria, Tunisia and seeks to disseminate knowledge of these tools of family medicine throughout the Francophone world.

colleagues around the world

Around the world many organizations and departments of family medicine who are involved directly or indirectly by the field of classifications in Primary Care. We try to provide a set of quality links maintained and possibly comment. Again we appeal to you to suggest or comment on either site. Thank you for contacting us

Marc Jamoulle,
founding president of the CISP-Club.

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