A Sentinel information system ; coding reasons for hospitalization with ICPC


Auteurs: Letrilliart L, Guiguet M, Valleron AJ, Flahault A

INSERM Unit 444, Paris, France


• Epidemiological research in primary care mostly focused on the consultation process
• A previous survey studied the referral process from primary to secondary care (European referral study, 1987)
• Referral from general practitioners to hospital has been rarely explored in Europe (never in France)


• On-going reporting of each hospitalized patients by sentinel general practictioners throughout France
• Systematic recording of age, gender, reasons for referral (1 to 3), other variables
• July, 1997 - May, 1998: 3,500 patients hospitalized through referral from 260 GPs


• Data transmission: teleinformatics (24 hrs)
• Central coding by the coordinator of the study
• Peripheral coding from voluntary GPs since April, 1998
– > Classification = ICPC-1 (French translation)

publié sur le net en septembre 98

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